In order to deliver the highest quality gourmet Popcorn to our customers,
Chef's Shoppe does not ship any Chocolate Popcorn flavors from May through September due to the warmer temperatures.

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Chef’s Shoppe Rewards Program

Join our FREE Customer Rewards Program today!

We value our loyal customers and to show how thankful we are for your business, we've got a Customer Rewards Program that's FREE, easy to use, plus your rewards never expire!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Simply complete a quick form next time you're in the Shoppe. One of our friendly Chef’s Shoppe associates will get your rewards all set up.
  2. SHOP.  Every purchase earns you rewards!
  3. After 6 purchases, we’ll give you a coupon worth 5% of the total value of those same 6 purchases. (For example, if you make 6 purchases that total $100, we’ll give you a coupon worth $5) The coupon is yours to spend as you wish.
  4. YOU choose when to use the coupon. Use it on your very next purchase, or save multiple coupons and apply them toward something special. PLUS, there's no time limit to spend your never expire!

The rewards don’t stop there. Keep earning rewards every time you shop. You'll have another coupon to use how you want, when you want in no time. PLUS, we invite Customer Rewards Members to enjoy special discounts and promotions during our 5th Saturday Sales throughout the year.


Rules & Restrictions:

  1. Rewards are not earned until the 6th purchase has been made.
  1. Purchases prior to the rewards coupon are non-transferable between customers.
  2. Coupons can be used by anyone. Save them for yourself or give them as a gift to a friend or family member. The actual printed rewards coupon must be presented at time of purchase to use the rewards.
  3. In the event that Chef’s Shoppe discontinues the Rewards Program, customers will be notified by email as well as in-store. Previously earned rewards will be honored.



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